Often you may have heard about gorilla glass and tempered glass for mobile phones. People protect their phone’s touch screen when they buy a smartphone. Are you aware of these two different types of glasses? Though both of them are used for the mobile screen, they have a few basic differences. They are known as screen protector and screen guard. Both of them help to protect your phone screen from damage, scratches, dust, fingerprints, water, and oily substances. But let’s share with you the difference between gorilla glass and tempered glass.

Both of them are seen on touch screen mobile phones. As the touch screen is a vital thing, so protecting it is a basic task. In case these glasses are damaged anyhow, then you will not be able to operate your mobile phone. Among the different names of the glasses, common ones are “tempered glass, gorilla glass, or dragontrail screen protector.”

Difference between gorilla glass and tempered glass

Difference between Gorilla Glass and Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass

The glass is heated and cooled down quickly to make the tempered glass. Heating and cooling have to be respectively at a fast rate. This manufacturing process makes the tempered glass different from ordinary glass. It’s very hard to break a tempered glass. Normal glass breaks very easily, whereas this tempered glass is hard to break.

A tempered glass has made up of multiple layers. These layers are of anti-fingerprint (oleophobic) coating, tempered glass, optically clear adhesive, optical PET layer, poly-silicon based adhesive, and protective backing. These layers of the screen make it stronger than the normal glasses. Thus, it is ultra-protective glass that is perfect for the touch screen mobile phones.

Layers of a tempered glass for mobile

Every smartphone needs extra protection from the dust, oils, fingerprints, clear display, and many more. Hence, many brands recommend to use tempered glass for their mobile phones.

  • Manufacturing process of tempered glass is easy.
  • Many small Chinese organizations have their production units to make tempered glasses.
  • Depending on the manufacturer’s quality, the price varies.
  • A tempered glass with the oleophobic coating is considered the best one and is having a higher price.
  • Tempered glass for mobile is scratch proof and shatterproof.
  • Smartphones don’t come with installed tempered glasses. You need to buy and install them separately.
  • In case one tempered glass is damaged after usage, you can buy a new one and replace it.
  • Tempered glasses are available only for smartphones and tablets.

Gorilla Glass

Now coming to the second option, Gorilla glass is one of the special toughened glasses. Corning, USA is manufacturing it. It is a well-known company that particularly manufactures Gorilla glasses. Commonly, they are being used as the cover glass for mobile devices such as smartphones, smart television, computer monitors, and smartwatches.

  • Gorilla glasses are being launched in different versions like 6.0, 5.0, 4.0, etc.
  • Gorilla glass is a thin and light glass to use as a screen protector.
  • Also, it is damage resistant and gives extra protection to your phone’s screen.
  • Nowadays, smartphones comes with Corning Gorilla Glass.
  • Gorilla glass is totally scratch-proof, except if you do this with diamond or sand or a rare type of metal.
  • Unlike tempered glass, Gorilla glass does not have the oleophobic coating.
  • Mostly, the price of the Gorilla glass is already included in the price of the mobile. No separate charges are taken for this glass installation.
  • No one cannot alter or replace it.

After such a vivid description, hope now it is clear the difference between gorilla glass and tempered glass. This article has been done so that the people who are using these can have an idea about the thing that they are using. After all, we all are using these without having a clear idea. Both of these glasses are useful and commonly being used by us, but we are not aware of their benefits or advantages at all. So it was just a try to get a clear idea about it and know what actually we are using.

FAQs – Tempered glass vs Gorilla glass

Which glass is best for mobile, tempered glass or gorilla glass?

As a user, you have to decide which one is best. Based on the usage, you will find them useful. Gorilla glass is the product of Corning, USA, a renowned manufacturer.

So both of these screen protection glasses are having their own qualities and characteristics. Each of them is having their own advantages and disadvantages. But both of them are useful. It is all about protecting screens of electronic devices or smartphones.

Most smartphone brands have gorilla glass on their phone’s screen. They are extra hard. But for some which do not come with the gorilla glass, they can have the tempered glass which is a great option for those mobile phones.

Is screen guard required for gorilla glass?

Yes, you can use screen guard to give an extra layer of protection to Corning Gorilla glass on your smartphones.

But many people get tempered glass over the gorilla glass, as they find them more protective. Also, it is also an attempt to protect the gorilla glass too. Thus, it is based on the usage and how a person is using the device. The entire thing is totally argumentative. Better it is you who have to decide which one is best

Final Words

Wrapping up the article – difference between tempered glass and gorilla glass screen protector,  I would know which glass you find better among these two.

At the end, would like to know how you have found this article helpful. Share with me about various other ideas that you are having on these two glasses. That can include any information except the ones mentioned above. After users can tell about them in much better way.

While expensive smartphones are coming with required protection, but we need to confirm its protection by us. So sometime we never felt hesitate to spend some more money to take the protection. After all, it is the matter of our expensive belonging.