Are you looking for tips to increase Google AdSense CPC? This is the right place where you can find the excellent answer to question how to increase AdSense earnings through high Google AdSense CPC.

Google AdSense is the best ad network and the first choice of bloggers who want monetize their blog to making money.

How to Increase Google AdSense CPC

AdSense is Google’s property well known for high CPM rates that allow publishers to display Google ads on their blogs/sites. AdSense works with AdWords advertisers who bid on their ad slots how much they’re ready to pay per click for their ads.

As an AdSense publisher, you can get CPC like $0.01 or more than $50 per click. I’ll show you how to get high CPM and CPC by following AdSense terms and conditions.

If you have achieved massive search traffic, but unable to increase AdSense earnings, then you need to understand that you are doing something wrong.

How to increase Google AdSense CPC

There are some common questions you should ask from yourself-

  • what is AdSense CPC?
  • why is my AdSense CPC so low?
  • what are Google AdSense CPC tricks?
  • what is the average AdSense CPC?
  • how to increase AdSense earnings?
  • how to increase AdSense earnings per click?
  • how to boost AdSense earnings?

Keywords play an important role in how much you can earn with Google AdSense. Here, I use high CPC keywords to increase AdSense earnings.

There are great tips to increase Google AdSense CPC. Here are some tips to help you earn more from AdSense.

What is CPC?

CPC is cost-per-click. It is the money that the blogger can earn for every click on the ads. Google AdSense uses the technology of high and reliable monetization. When someone clicks on the ad that appears in your blog post, you get some value based on the predecided CPC.

Come on…

The CPC can be lower even though you are getting more traffic to your content. It is also observed that the CPC that gets consistently high rates for several months begins to decrease. Some bloggers experience reduced average CPC. There are many reasons for these situations. There are different factors that affect the fluctuations of the AdSense CPC. Therefore, optimization is required to increase Google AdSense CPC and maximize estimated AdSense earnings.

There are several ways to increase AdSense CPC such as:

  • Create relevant ads
  • Create compelling ads that can drive visitors to click
  • Optimize your ad text

There are more strategies how to increase Google AdSense CPC. I will show some points will help increase AdSense CPC to get good ad revenue.

1. Website/Blog Niche

Niche and topics have a big impact on AdSense CPC. Always keep an eye on topics of relevant trends and pages in your niche. Using the webmaster tool, check out what people are looking for and are looking to reach your website. According to keyword research, you can choose high CPC keywords and try to use them with more organic keywords in your content.

2. Create Custom Channels for Ad Units

To raise CPC rates, it is suggested to create custom channels for ad units. Creating custom channels serves more targeted ads for blog pages. More targeted ads mean more auctions or Adwords advertisers looking to spend money on their ad slots that result in more money and therefore more earnings from AdSense.

3. Use Both Text and Display Ads

Generally, you can have five types of AdSense ads, namely text, image, rich media, flash, and animated image that are categorized into text and display ads. Try to provide maximum possibilities for the auctions of your ad slots if you line up louder by allowing text as well as display ads. It’s highly recommended to allow both text and display ad units.

4. Use High-Performance Ad Formats

You can even increase AdSense CPC and conversion rates by using high-performance ad formats. I suggest the use of rectangle (728×90), medium (300×250) and large (336×280) Ad layouts. For the mobile web page, we recommend using the 320×100 mobile banner.

5. Choose AdSense over Other Ad Network

For best AdSense CPC, it’s a smart way to avoid ads from different ad networks. It is recommended to use the AdSense network, which is actually a great advertising network available today. Compared to others, Google ads are high paying and have excellent CPM rates. Strictly avoid those ad network that are incompatible with AdSense at the same time. Also, if you get very low AdSense CPC and CPM, then you can try using other AdSense-compatible alternatives, but the likelihood of getting lower bids for your advertising slots.

6. Block Low Paying Ads

AdSense has an option to allow and block certain ads. You can choose which specific ad provider can display ads on your blog and which ones can not. This will increase the number of real-time bids from high-paying bidders, which will result in a higher CPC rates.

7. Optimize Ad Placement

Placing ad units is really a big challenge. Initially, Google AdSense was allowing you to put 3 ad units per page, but now the ad unit limit has been removed. I recommend not placing all of the ad unit codes in one place. Organize your ad units to attract readers and visitors to read the content and click on the ad. Please note that the ad limit is removed, this does not mean that you can add more ad numbers, just make sure that the content is more valuable and only a sufficient number of ads are placed on the quality page.

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8. Geography and CPC rates

The CPC rate also depends on the location of your visitors access your site. Ensure that relevant ads come from advertisers located in your country. There is a big difference in the rate paid for individual clicks by different countries. Therefore, it is vital to search the places that pay the highest rates per click. You can target country-specific traffic in the Search Console (Webmaster Tools).

9. Change the Site Layout

It is advisable to build an attractive, unique and interactive website. It’s very important to check how your site layout works for different screen sizes and devices for your page with content and ad units. Avoid placing all three AdSense ads above the fold. You can place the ads near the content. Always keep in mind that you are serving the quality content with users and not only ads.

10. Connect to Google Analytics

I recommend looking at your site’s page/post with higher CPC. Discover the topic that draws visitors to your site. Check which pages get the most clicks. You need to write more content related to those pages that have higher CPC. Ultimately, it will result in greater earnings from Google AdSense.

11. CPC and Domain Name

The domain name is the first word in the URL. As keywords, the CPC rate also depends on the domain name of the site. Because the domain name talks about website content, it is vital to choose the domain name wisely. Create a domain name that relates to the content and keywords of your site.

12. Build Quality Content

Google AdSense focuses mainly on content and is, therefore, the quality of content has immense importance in AdSense optimization. Therefore, it is necessary to have content that is attractive, easy to use, and easy to understand. You can make use of bullet points, subtitles, images and so on.

13. Use of Responsive Themes

As I mentioned earlier, you need to use responsive themes. Well, using responsive hemes would result in a higher CPC. Make sure to use a  responsive theme that serves readable and accessible content on different devices like phones, computers, and laptops.

14. Try the A/B Test

To make content more attractive and interesting, you can add something new. Sometimes different ads from your content work better. This will certainly help you to increase AdSense CPC. Make A/B tests with your blog that can positively impact AdSense CPC.

15. Know Your Readers

It is very important to know who are your readers; As a result, you need to write the content accordingly to get relevant ads. This will help you to increase Google AdSense CPC.


Google AdSense is the most popular pay-per-click ad network. Website owners can use this great platform to increase visibility, click-through rates, and cost-per-click. There are different ways and techniques to increase AdSense CPC, as mentioned above, which ultimately allows you to maximize AdSense revenue and enjoy higher earnings from your blog.

It is advisable to try all the different options available to increase AdSense CPC and earnings. Be sure to add relevant ad units to your blog page with perfect layout focused on the target audience.

I hope this article with 15 tips on how to increase Google AdSense CPC has helped you. Let me know what you found about these tips in the comments below.