Most of the time, you find some unknown phone number ringing on your phone. Generally, in such cases, you avoid taking the call. However, it is high time to download the Truecaller app and know the person behind these unknown contacts. The Truecaller number search gives you the details of the unknown mobile numbers. These phone details include the caller’s name, location, and address. The app is also capable of blocking unwanted calls. Also, it fills up the contact details in your phone book with the help of profiles on social media. So, even before you take the phone call, the Truecaller search gives you a signal about who is calling you.

Truecaller Global Phone Directory

Sometimes, it happens that calls from an unknown number appear. Neither you nor your phone recognizes the unknown phone number in such situations. It becomes more difficult when you miss out on the call. You land up in a dilemma about whether to call back or remain silent. The problem gets more confusing when you suspect that the unknown number is wrong. It can be some annoying Telecaller too. Very recently, the Truecaller’s Vice President of Growth and partnerships in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, Mr. Kari Krishnamurthy, reported, “over half of our 70 million users are in India, and we are adding 1,10,000 users a day here.” Just think of the popularity that the Truecaller app has already got within this short time frame.

The Truecaller app is handy in case some unknown stranger is harassing you. Whatever the harassment mode, be it through unwanted or blank calls, Truecaller phone number search can prevent all these. When so many antisocial motives surround you, today, people often want to know the details of the ones who are calling them. At least this way, they can avoid minor harassment. The Truecaller app determines the owners of unknown numbers in the easiest and best possible way. For this, you need to understand the mechanism of the working of the Truecaller app.

How Truecaller Number Search Finds A Caller Details?

The essence of the Truecaller app depends on many mobile phone users. Arguably, the group of mobile phone users is perhaps the largest. Therefore, it can be considered as a humongous telephone directory.

Once you have installed the Truecaller app on your cell phone, it will fetch the details of your contacts from the phone book of your phone. All the details will be integrated into a universal database. This database will, in turn, be looked after by the service of Truecaller. The app also gathers information from thousands and thousands of other users in a similar pattern. Therefore, the database gets quite heavy. It is where the Truecaller search plays its game. If the number does not exist in your phone book, its psychology is like it must be in somebody else’s phone book. So, Truecaller search takes out that number from another’s phone book and shows you.

The idea of working the Truecaller phone number search is just so simple. It works with the principle of ‘Unity is a strength!’ Anyone and everyone can quickly look for the mobile number database. All you need to do is visit Truecaller online or download the Truecaller app.

How to Use the Truecaller Number Search Online?

1. First, open the Truecaller website.

2. Next, you will have to sign in to the Truecaller online. The website contains the following options:

  • Google account
  • Microsoft account
  • Facebook account
  • Yahoo account

3. Now, provide the phone number for which you want to look for the caller’s details. Truecaller can locate your country automatically. Also, the country code, too, will be detected similarly. If the country code is wrongly provided, you can choose the country’s code from the drop-down menu list.

4. Next, tap upon the search button.

5. In this step, Truecaller will go through the database already stored in their system and put all the record details that you will find out against the provided phone number.

Truecaller number search

Download the Truecaller App

The Truecaller app is accessible to use on all the common platforms. The old Nokia phones like Symbian, Android, Blackberry, and Apple iOS can all access the Truecaller app. Moreover, all the stores of the operating systems contain this particular app. Hence, getting the app is not an issue at all. To find out the app, you need to search for Truecaller, then download and install the app. However, if you need the Truecaller app for Nokia Series 40 or the Symbian, you can still get it from the download page of the Truecaller website.

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Essential Features of the Truecaller app

1. It is a free app and offers all services for free for all mobile numbers. No special attention is given to any mobile number or cell phone model. Now Truecaller pro app is available with additional features.

2. Soon after you get a call from an unknown number, the Truecaller app automatically looks for its database to identify the unknown number. Remember, only those calls that have no mention in the device’s phone book are registered by Truecaller and dealt with to find details.

3. If you are not willing to talk to the person calling you, the Truecaller app allows you to reject the call all at once.

4. Truecaller has the option to populate and enrich your contact list. This option connects the phone book contacts with their social media profiles to retrieve the photos and other related information. So, whatever the Truecaller is showing you is all taken from the social media account of the respective persons.

5. The number provided in the Truecaller search always gets accurate and beneficial information. Nothing is vague or inhibited in Truecaller.

6. Besides, the Truecaller website can search for phone numbers online. For this, you will need to sign up via Facebook or LinkedIn, Twitter, or Yahoo account. Once you have logged in, you can search as many times as you wish to.

7. Through the Truecaller app, you can block unwanted calls. Also, you can pinpoint specific numbers from whom you want to avoid taking any calls. The Truecaller will prevent you from attending those irritating calls from the harassers like Telecallers.

8. What’s more interesting about the app is that it can also allocate details of landline (or fixed line) phone numbers. The prepaid phone numbers, too, will be included in the Truecaller search so that the app can detect them as well.

9. The Truecaller Global Phone Directory is free to all. So, it does not matter which part of the universe you are located in. Wherever you be, the Truecaller search will provide the details of even foreign numbers.

Benefits of Using Truecaller

Truecaller search is like a ray of hope when the world is in chaos. Many people complain that they get repeated calls from unknown numbers. Even though you disconnect their calls, the unknown numbers keep on appearing on your phone. In short, there is a lot of harassment. The worst is, you call back, and no one speaks. That’s damn irritating!

When a fixed landline was the only medium of connecting to people, we had telephone directories. You had to look up the telephone directory for calling or contacting anyone. So, it was pretty easy back then to get into trouble. Most times, people randomly looked into the telephone directory and kept on calling. Well, what else can be more distracting than this!

Thanks to this time that we enjoy now. At least there is no question of directories that you would have to depend upon. In such a scenario, the Truecaller number search aids you the most. The phone directories era has gone, but the harassment has remained the same. Once your contact list is added to the database of Truecaller, it is kept in safe hands. Further, if you want to make changes, Truecaller search allows you to do that.


It is with the power of the masses that Truecaller works. While using the services of the Truecaller phone number search, make sure that you are not up to any mischievous activities. Otherwise, you may land up in trouble. So, a global orientation is of the utmost need to serve the nature of the Truecaller. It is because several tech-savvy harassers can make you fall into their trap in the blink of an eye. So, if you have to stay away from these harassers, download the Truecaller app soon!