Many of the users on the internet are searching for the meaning of blogging. But, do you know what is blogging? It is a word that we bloggers always mention. But, perhaps, many people have no idea what it is, although they can make a slight idea. So, in today’s article, I will explain its meaning and everything it encompasses.

Very good! How’s that going? I have wanted to make this article for some time, but I have been delayed it for many reasons. I have seen that now is an excellent opportunity to do it.

If you have followed me for a long time, you know that I tried to explain everything that includes blogging with the best possible information to understand it perfectly. And if I look back in the beginning as a blogger, many of the words that have been used, I had no idea what they meant.

The funny thing is that I felt myself a weirdo because when I read comments from other bloggers, they all were experts in the field. Still, as I considered myself a born researcher and started looking for definitions, in the end, I understood concepts with more precision.

Of course, it has not always been easy for me to find the correct information because it does not have an established definition. One of the clear examples is to find an answer to what is blogging. I’m sure if you search the web, you’ll see many blogs saying a different thing.

What is the meaning of blogging

It makes me clear, perhaps, to understand the meaning of blogging, one must rely on his own experience and knowledge to give an adequate explanation.

But to understand what is blogging a bit, you have to take a little back in history so that, in the end, you can understand it better.

The meaning of blogging

Do not worry. I will not be very long in this section (I do not want you to fall asleep while reading my post because I want precisely the opposite, I do not want you to say.)

Let’s see, many years ago, only Internet users had access to web pages: those sites on the network with a single page (4 or 5 if you hurry me a lot) and where you could only access specific information. The problem of that time was that you did not use it to update the exposed information, and in the end, it did not add value to the users because, after all, they always found the same everywhere. In addition, this system was very dull. So it was only a matter of time before we did something new to create innovation.

Finally, it happened with the arrival of the blogs. There was an incredible revolution on the internet. Although also in its beginnings. They had nothing to do with what they are now.

In the beginning, in all cases, it was not necessary to pay money to have a blog, not even for the purchase of templates because they could be installed free. Thanks to platforms such as Google Blogger (Blogspot), one of the most relevant globally for a few years, were in great demand in creating blogs because everyone liked having one. At least they could have their voice on the internet. But in addition, the idea was beautiful because the creation of a blog was effortless. In less than three clicks, you could set it up.

It is what caused an uprising on the internet because anyone could access a blog without it being necessary to have high knowledge about the creation of blogs.

Today, individuals and corporates use it to attract an audience and be referents in the network.

Thanks for this summary, you can better understand the meaning of blogging, and now you will know other exciting things.

What is blogging?

The definition of blogging is easy: Blog is the abbreviation of the weblog, and in a few words, it is a personal journal of the author who tells his experiences, what he feels, what he aspires, and what he intends to do in the future with the intention that other people can read and follow him. In addition, one of the advantages of blogs is that they are updated more often, the content is fresher, and therefore better indexed in the search engines. In summary: it is easier to do SEO for a blog than a website.

But we can give another definition to blogging: We can also say that it’s about making storytelling on a blog; the blogger speaks from his more human and close side, making the readers empathize much more with himself.

In short, through his own experience and telling a story, the blog author tries to help others with the knowledge he has acquired over time. In addition, this type of content is much more fun for readers.

Who is a blogger?

An author who writes and publishes a blog is known as a blogger. Nowadays, the term professional blogger has come into existence, indicating a blogger blogging for money.

Can you make money with blogging?

If I rely on the last definition that I have told you, of course, you can make money with blogging using Google AdSense and other ad networks. It is one of the most effective ways for this to happen, regardless of whether it is a personal or corporate blog.

For example, many companies do storytelling so that potential future customers feel identified with the brand that, in turn, helps them to have the final decision in making the purchase or contracting a service.

Personal blogs are no exception: Many bloggers make money using this strategy. In addition, they have built loyalty and created a strong bond with their audience (sometimes with powerful friendships) to blog professionally in the internet space.

If you do not want to make money by blogging, no worries, many people only seek recognition without further pretensions. Still, I must explain all possible parameters so that you at least know how to do blogging.

Money making tips:

The meaning of blogging

How to do blogging effectively?

It is useless to blog if no one is behind the screen reading you. To give an example, it is as if you were in a high mountain and screeching very loudly; indeed, you can echo, but that echo will stay in the drift of nothing, and therefore your message will be in a vacuum without any repercussion.

For this, you will need to do things that will help you blog effectively. Let’s see what they are:

1. Create quality content on your blog

If you want your blog to be read, you must provide quality content for your readers. Therefore, you should take less amount of posts if you consider that you will not be up to the circumstances. Also, when I refer to the quality of content, you must avoid spelling mistakes at all costs (sometimes you can escape some, nothing happens), that your posts are very visual, and above all, that they are original.

Avoid plagiarism because apart from that, you can face legal actions. Google will penalize you sooner or later, which means you will never have visibility on the search engine result pages.

2. Comment on other blogs

Commenting on other blogs will help people who interact in the network to begin to know you. The process is prolonged. I do not believe that leaving two nasty comments on a blog post will be effective. In my experience, in each blog, you contribute a lot of value, help other users, and even if necessary, to the blog’s author. Only then will you draw attention (especially to the owner of the space), and you will begin to receive visits to your site, with the possibility of joining your community, becoming subscribers, and increasing your impact.

Participating in most blogs from your niche is highly recommended, so your blogging strategy will be more effective and with more incredible benefits.

3. Interact on social networks

If you do not interact on social networks, let me tell you that you will never be able to do blogging properly. These networks are one of the fastest and most effective to begin to impact the audience. The different participants from other blogs help you grow practically without notice. Of course, you must have patience since you will need many followers to make your content more visible.

In addition, social networks will help you practice SEO and not depend so much on the organic traffic from the search engines.

4. Participate in forums

Participating in active forums is also a great alternative to attract new readers to your blog and reinforce the blogging strategy you are using. You can get involved in many forums, which you will find the ideal for your niche.

There are other exciting forums in the online marketing sector, from which you can also take advantage of knowledge and services from other people in your industry.

5. Study, compare, and test

If you want to make a difference in your sector, you will have no choice but to study. Times change and trends too. Also, if you’re going to be up to the best, you must be the best, and believe me, it is not easy; there are many cracks out there willing to be above you in search engines. And if you want to be there, you should study SEO, know how to attract readers, and write for them while still being you, and of course, you should compare the strategies that others use with yours and try. Only in that way will you find your magic formula, what works for you. Finally, of course, you must be willing to make mistakes again and again because that is what will happen to you. It is inevitable.

And this is all related to blogging. If you think you can contribute something more on this topic, do not hesitate to leave a comment.

Did you know what the meaning of blogging is? What is blogging?