Whiteboard animation video can be an eye-catching visual online content for school/office presentation and YouTube. You can create astonishing whiteboard animation videos through a whiteboard animation software. There is a long list of DIY whiteboard animation software that can be used to solve our purpose. Only a few tools are simple to use while others are awful and confusing. Before you buy a whiteboard animation video maker, you first know the best whiteboard animation software free and paid both.

There is a number of reasons for that whiteboard animation videos can be used. You can explain any topic to students or teach customers how to use a product or a software. Never think, creating whiteboard animations is expensive or require technical knowledge. Nowadays, you can purchase a quality and affordable whiteboard animation creator software to create animated video tutorials. This article covers the best whiteboard animation software free and paid.

Top 6 Whiteboard Animation Software

Top 6 whiteboard animation software

1. VideoScribe

Sparkol is offering VideoScribe, that is one of the best whiteboard animation software. VideoScribe is a very well known software in the animation video industry. Creating whiteboard animation videos is simple without asking help from expert video editors. If you do not believe me, please give a try to make doodles or animation videos. Anyone can create impressive whiteboard animation videos without video editing knowledge.

Users can create self-explaining videos, FAQs, and describe product or service. You will be surprised to know that the British government and Swedish parliament are using this software to explain their policies. This application is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. VideoScribe is a perfect choice for designers, graphic artists, marketer, and YouTubers.

Link: https://www.videoscribe.co/en/

2. Explaindio

You must give a try to Explaindio because it is a modern and feature rich whiteboard animation software. You can create whiteboard animation effects over GIF animations and videos using this whiteboard animation creator. The software user interface is simple and has lots of options to create whiteboard animated videos. It enables you to create high-quality videos using HD background images. It has the option to import video slides and audio files from different video editing software.

With Explaindio video creator you can animate cartoon characters to build software and eloquently convey your content. Catchy themes allow marketers to showcase their products professionally. This software has many inbuilt pre-designed slides to create stunning presentation videos. You can use Explaindio on Windows and Mac both.

Link: http://explaindiovideocreator.com/

3. Easy Sketch Pro

You can create stunning whiteboard animation videos using Easy Sketch Pro 3.0. A drag and drop interface is available to create sketch videos. It is possible to add live hotspots linking, means users can add different URLs- website address and social media links.

Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 is a feature-rich software. It also allows to add images to video; users can add own photos or pick a royalty free images from the library. Similarly, the user can add own music file or pick a track from the library. Various professional Canvas types are provided to get rid of the blank page.

Link: http://easysketchpro.com/

4. GoAnimate

If you want to create a quality animated video in less than 5 min then you can use GoAnimate which is a powerful whiteboard animation software. This software offers many customizable scenes related to concepts, occupations, and industries. It is a very simple software. You only feed voice to a character and it will automatically lip-sync.

A user can import his/her voice, recordings, or audio files to animation videos. GoAnimate is an ideal tool to create cartoon series, anime stories, and animated infographics.

Link: https://goanimate.com/

5. TTS Sketch Maker

Those who want to buy a cheap whiteboard animation creator that can produce quality animation videos, then TTS Sketch Maker is the best choice. In a few clicks, users can create perfect whiteboard animation videos with text to speech human voice. It easy graphic user interface makes possible to create text to speech video in a few minutes.

TTS Sketch Maker has 25 different accent voices, users can pick their favorite voice for his animation videos. The male and female voices are available in 15 different languages. Highest resolution for an exported video is 1280×720. This software comes with 30-day money back guarantee.

Link: http://ttssketchmaker.com/

6. Animatron

Animatron is another good alternative to create whiteboard animation videos. Its GUI is easy and no technical expertise is required to learn and create animated videos.

Animatron is offering three plans Free, Pro, and Business. You can start with Free to test your skills and later upgrade to access pro or business plan. It lets you create whiteboard animation online.

Link: https://www.animatron.com/


Students, marketers, and YouTubers can use the power of animated video to grab the attention of their audience. Nowadays whiteboard animation videos are popular in the market. Big companies are ready to pay $1000 for a 5 min marketing whiteboard animation video.

You should give a try to any of the 6 whiteboard animation software and create a rock solid video presentation.