How to Create a Free Blog on BlogSpot (Google Blogger)? ✅

Google Blogger/ Blogspot - Create your blog

You can write a blog to share anything that you want. A blog can be a source of passive income. Nowadays many users are doing full-time blogging job from their home as well as their own offices and earning thousands of dollars per month.

The Internet is full of different blogging platforms, you can pick your favorite to start blogging. I mostly recommend users to create a blog using custom domain, paid web hosting and self-hosted WordPress(.org).

You can learn a lot about self-hosted WordPress blogs over the Internet. It has numerous benefits when compared with free blogging platforms e.g. Google Blogger (, Tumblr (, and

In this world, many people just want to share their thoughts on the Internet and are not concerned to other things that I mentioned above. While others want to start a blog without doing investment. This actually makes sense.

Many blogging platforms are available to create free blogs, but I will suggest you make a simple free blog with Google Blogger ( and start blogging career.

Google Blogger ( is now SEO friendly blogging platform. You can use a custom domain and free SSL certificate without any glitch.

Later, if you wish to use self-hosted WordPress, you can do the migration. It is a little bit tricky but possible to save SEO and search ranking.

Google Blogger aka BlogSpot allows users to create a free blog, but it has enough to start blogging without investment. Its limitation can not chain your legs if you are a passionate blogger.

For a newbie, it is really simple to learn how to create a free blog on BlogSpot (Google Blogger) and set out the blogging journey.

Google Blogger/ Blogspot - Create your blog

I am dedicating this post to newbies who are beginners in this field and want to learn the basics of blogging.

Before creating a blog, you must consider a few things:

– BlogSpot (also known as Blogger) is a blogging platform powered by Google. It is a free platform to start a blog, but uploaded images will be hosted on Google Photos. Thus, BlogSpot is in full control of Google.

– People who wish to monetize their blog can make money with BlogSpot even they can advertise the blog through AdWords. AdSense and AdWords both are now available on BlogSpot (Blogger) Dashboard. It is completely not necessary to create a self-hosted WordPress blog if want to make money through blogging.

But if you have money to invest in a self-hosted WordPress blog then I recommend going with it.

Steps to Create a Free Blog on BlogSpot (Blogger)

Before you start creating a free blog on, you must have a Google account. If you don’t have Google (Gmail) account, please create it first.

Once you got your Google account, then go to and click on the link “Create your blog” and Sign in.

1. Name your blog and get URL

Now, you need to enter the title (blog name) and address (subdomain). Title and address both should be related then it will make sense in term of SEO.

Google Blogger - Blogspot - Create a new blog

If your blog is not about you then avoid personal name as a subdomain. Your subdomain should be related your blog niche. Your current subdomain name should be brandable later with a custom domain.

Select a blog Theme, (You can buy and use premium Blogger theme anytime), and click on “Create a blog!” button.

Now you are on the Blog dashboard. On the left sidebar, you can see the “Settings” option, click on this to set up desired blog settings with available options.

2. HTTPS redirect settings

Nowadays HTTPS is a ranking factor so you must enable HTTPS on your blog. You can do it by Settings.

Settings > Basic > HTTPS redirect > YES

Google Blogger - Blogspot enable free https

3. Header, Logo, and Blog Post Settings

To upload the blog logo, go to Layout settings > Header.

To customize blog post settings edit “Blog Posts” section.

Google Blogger - Blogspot layout

4. Change the Theme

There are many developers who have created lots of awesome Blogger themes. You can choose a free theme or can buy a premium theme to unlock Blogger potential.

Google Blogger- Blogspot theme upload

You can change the Blogger theme. Some of the themes can be uploaded directly to Blogger, while the rest themes required to change as per their user manual.

5. Earnings through Google AdSense

After publishing 10 to 20 blog posts, when your blog starts receiving organic traffic through Google search, you can sign up for AdSense. “Earnings” option is given on the left sidebar.

Google Blogger - Blogspot earnings sign up for AdSense

Finally, you can start writing and publishing blog posts.

Let me know if you want to know something specific about BlogSpot (Blogger).


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