Do you want to estimate competitor’s web traffic, so there are different tools to do that? In this article, we are going to tell the best website traffic estimator tools that can reveal the volume of web traffic coming to a website.

Yes, it is possible to spy on the website traffic. You can use a traffic estimator for websites and get the real stats about competitor’s site. These tools have some strengths and weakness, so you cannot blindly rely on estimated reports.

But, it is true, these website traffic estimator tools are handy for competitor analysis. There’s no doubt.

Free paid website traffic estimator tools

You can easily measure competitor’s website traffic in your niche. It helps you to know what users are searching and reading on competitor website. Using this, you can make changes in your digital marketing strategy to drive more traffic to your site.

If you are a newbie, then you first understand web traffic. Web traffic, i.e. visitors coming to your website, which excludes Bot visits. Web traffic constitutes of sessions, unique visitors, and page views.

You can analyze web traffic using tools like Google Analytics, Alexa, etc.

Now coming to the topic, these best website traffic estimator tools are free to use. You can generate web traffic report of any website.

Reasons to check your competitor’s website traffic.

There are benefits of checking and analyzing web traffic your competitor’s website. Hereunder are a few benefits of competitor analysis:

– Evaluate estimated monthly or daily web traffic
– Keywords that are driving traffic
– Sources of traffic; organic, social, referral and direct.
– User engagement metrics; bounce rate, daily time on site, daily pageviews per visitor
– Content that user wants to read

Let’s check out the best website traffic estimator tools.

5 Top Website Traffic Estimator Tools

1. Alexa

Newbie to expert, every blogger uses Alexa. It’s among top website traffic checker tool. Alexa ranking is not an unknown word to webmasters and bloggers. You can check the insights of any site. Alexa provides limited site info for free. You can buy a paid subscription if interested to know more about a website. For free offers traffic ranks, audience geography, bounce rate, daily pageviews per visitor, daily time on site, search traffic, top keywords for search engines, upstream sites, site links, similar websites by audience overlap, audience demographics and much more.

Alexa’s paid subscription allows you to compare different websites for competitor analysis. Estimated metrics is enough to check competitor website to spy web traffic and other things.

2. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is one of the best website traffic estimation tools. Webmasters recommend SimilarWeb for estimating the web traffic for competitor’s website. To Get the website traffic details is very easy.

Open SimilarWeb and enter the website URL into the search box to get web traffic reports. It shows global rank, country rank and category rank, gives traffic overview, traffic by countries, traffic sources- referrals, search, and social and much more for free. You can download website metrics as PDF file and use it for competitor analysis.

You can register an account to get detailed insights for competitor’s website. After login, you get estimated total visits, traffic share, monthly visits, monthly unique visitors, average visit duration, page/visit, bounce rate. It also shows marketing mix, referrals, search traffic, top search terms organic and paid both, social traffic, and much more.

3. SEMrush

SEMrush is leading freemium competitor analysis tool.SEMrush bots track accurate web traffic of a website. Apart from competitor analysis, it is a fantastic SEO tool recommend by SEO experts.

You can download the ranking keywords of your competitor and plan your online marketing strategy to organic search traffic.

For SEO purpose you can get the information about where your competitor is building links to get authority and gain traffic. It makes link building very easy. SEMrush also helps to find main organic competitors in your niche.

4. is a paid website traffic estimator tool. It does not only show the estimated web traffic but also useful in conducting link research. It updates very frequently. Its keyword database is not big; it’s very huge. You can export website reports to do competitor analysis.

You can check organic traffic on a website. It tracks backlinks in real-time and shows lost and found links asap. If you have a credit card, then you try or buy this tool.

5. Google AdWords Display Planner

Google Display Planner can reveal the web traffic of a website for free. But it may be little tricky to understand this web traffic estimator tool. It offers a blend of Contextual targeting tool, Ad Planner, and Placement tool. It’s web traffic reports are very accurate. Thus, Google Display Planner is a trusted web traffic checker tool.

You can search YouTube – How to use Google Display Planner and watch videos to understand how to use this web traffic estimator tool.