Possibly you already know that WhatsApp is the most used application in the world, millions of people chat, talk and even do video calls. You might be surprised to know that it possible to earn money with WhatsApp. This article will give a brief, how to make money with WhatsApp without investment.


The requirements are very simple, you need:

  • A product or service to sell or promote
  • A smartphone with internet
  • WhatsApp application

How to make money with Whatsapp

Ways to make money with WhatsApp

There are several methods that you can use to make money with WhatsApp. Here are some:

1. Viral a content

Have you ever seen a super interesting news, a very funny video or a very sensual post that your friends cannot stop seeing, well, you can get income thanks to your friends and the link cutters?

The idea is simple, you’re going to Shorte.st, you register, you send them visits and they will pay you every time a person visits the shortened link:

  • Register in https://shorte.st/ or similar service
  • Enter a link  to short it (URL)
  • Get the short URL
  • Create a message on your WhatsApp, it should be interesting and surprising so that your friends open it.
  • Share it with all your friends, hopefully, they will share it with their friends and the message will become viral and you will earn a lot of money.

2. Promoting Applications (Apps)

You can do a little research about some applications that pay each time when a referred person complete the registration process. A few apps are Paytm, Google Tez, etc.

  • Register in an application that pays for registration
  • Promoting this application among your friend circle with your referral code
  • For each complete registration, you earn money

3. Selling Own or Affiliate Third Parties Products

One of the most lucrative ways to make money online is selling own products or affiliating third-party products.

You only need to promote the products with your friends and family.  You could also ask your friends the numbers of other people who might be interested in the product. Promotion steps are as follows:

  • Create affiliate URL of the product
  • Create a catchy message on your WhatsApp, try to explain the benefits of the product
  • Share it with all your friends, hopefully, they will share it with their friends and the message will become viral and generate many sales.


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Conclusion: Now finally you know how to make money with WhatsApp. As the method is very simple if you liked it and you want to take it to the next level, I will share a video that will take you to learn advanced techniques to sell by Whatsapp.