Nowadays, social media users are growing exponentially. So, the privacy issue is creating buzz around the globe. Most have started locking their profiles and don’t want public their daily lifestyle. Only their followers can see their updates.

Experienced social media users can tell how you can control your privacy on Instagram. With your findings and growing experience, you can see who can see your Instagram profile and who can’t.

Content creators can share their creativity through photos and videos, while businesses use it to promote their brands, products, and services. Instagram allows anyone to see the content posted on public Instagram accounts but restricts the content of private accounts from non-followers.

After signing into your Instagram account, you see content pushed on your news feed. This content may be from those accounts you are following or interest-based content that Instagram suggests to you.

Perhaps, you have seen the private Instagram accounts. Their content is only for their followers. Non-followers can’t see their profile and updates. Do you want to view private account followers on Instagram?

It’s mandatory to follow a private to see their updates on your feed—no other way to access a private Instagram account. Sometimes, you don’t want to follow a private account but want to check their followers and posts. In this case, the idea of following account flops.

In this article, I’ll answer the most frequently asked question by Instagram users—how to view private accounts on Instagram without following them?

I will not bother you anymore. Let’s see how to see private Instagram followers without following them.

How to See Followers of a Private Account on Instagram

Can You See Private Instagram Account Followers?

The straightforward answer to this question is YES.

Sometimes, people want to keep their social and social media lives private. They will never tell you they have their accounts on social media. But you can use your common sense to discover their social media accounts, especially Instagram accounts.

In the digital era, people can connect on social media with each other across the globe, but it was not that easy decades ago.

After putting in some effort, you find their accounts, but you can’t access their followers because their accounts are private.

Don’t get disheartened. I am here to help you in this matter.

Keep reading this article without skipping any part because I am going to tell you a few ways how you can view followers of a private Instagram account.

How to View Followers of Private Instagram Accounts?

1. Send A Follow Request

Following a public account is easy, but private accounts approve your request manually, so it may take some time.

Users may be online but may take time to review your request. Only your luck is the key to getting into their account. Otherwise, you have to try another way to see their private accounts on Instagram.

This is the best way to check the followers of a private Instagram account.

2. Take Help from A Common Friend

Sometimes, your friend or a friend of a friend also follows their account. You can contact a friend who’s following their private account. This way, you can use their phones to take screenshots of their profiles, followers, and followings.

This method really works well, in case you are damn serious about seeing followers of private accounts on Instagram.

3. Create A Fake Instagram Profile

Perhaps, nothing has worked yet. But you still have a chance to look into their private profiles. We still have another recommendation for you.

You know anyone can create two or more accounts. So, why not take advantage of this opportunity? You can create a fake Instagram account to send them a follow request. Most time, people intentionally don’t want to let you in. But they can accept your request from a dummy account. If it happens, you can see followers of private accounts on Instagram.

People witnessed this method actually works in most cases.

Things to Remember When Setting Up a Fake Account

  • Create an Instagram in the name of a girl.
  • Upload a natural-looking profile picture.
  • Post attractive and motivational photos and videos.
  • Try to keep the profile simple and natural.
  • Upload trending content on your Instagram story.
  • Set this account private to generate curiosity.
  • After that, send a follow request.
  • If they don’t accept your request, send a direct message, and introduce yourself.

Perhaps, they will accept your request after taking some time. So following a private Instagram account is the best way to view their followers.

4. Search Them on Other Social Media Platforms

No luck yet. Try to find their other social media accounts like TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. You can get what they are posting and to whom they are following. You can also check their followers. Perhaps, you may see someone you might not expect in their friend list.

You can search for their username, full name, and Instagram bio in Google. Often people use the same name and username on their other social media accounts.

As you check for their other social media accounts, you can luckily get more information about their private profiles, posts, followings, and followers.

5. Check the Google Cache

After sending a request to follow a private account, when they don’t accept your request, you might become impatient. Don’t lose your patience.

Open a web browser on your computer and search for the username of a private Instagram account.

Google caches almost everything, so a private account that was public some time ago may be available in the cache. Thus, you can see their cached profile or posts on Google.

  • Steps to view a private Instagram account in Google cache:
  • Open a web browser on your computer.
  • Search for the username of an Instagram account that is private now.
  • You see their Instagram account in SERPs.
  • Click on the three dots next to Instagram account URL. A pop-up will appear on the page.
  • Click the Cached button at the bottom of “About this result.”

You can also navigate to the Images tab on Google to see their private Instagram profiles and posts.

Remember, Google frequently updates its cache, so you might not be able to see the cached result.

6. Picuki for Instagram

Picuki allows you to see an Instagram profile without logging in much easier. Apart from seeing their profiles, you can also see and download their posts, reels, and stories.

When you see an Instagram profile, you see their profile picture, bio, posts, reels, and stories. You may also see comments and reactions to their content. Not only that, but you can also see those who’ve mentioned them in their posts and reels.

Picuki helps you see followers of an Instagram account but does not allow you to browse other user’s follower lists.

7. Use the Private Instagram Viewer App

You can view or unlock private Instagram accounts with certain mobile apps.

Steps to use the Private Instagram Viewer app on your iPhone

  • Open Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Turn On.
  • Navigate to Battery > Turn off low power-saving mode.
  • Open your web browser, and search for the private Instagram viewer.
  • Many results will show up. Explore them one by one to try your luck.

Steps to download the Private Instagram Viewer app on your Android

  • Open your phone’s Settings.
  • Turn off power saving mode.
  • Navigate to Display and turn off the auto-rotate option.
  • Open your web browser, and search for the Private Instagram viewer.
  • Multiple results will come up. Test them one by one to try your luck.

Steps to View Private Instagram Accounts

  • Open the Instagram app on your smartphone.
  • Sign into your Instagram account, and search for a private account.
  • Minimize the Instagram app, and open the private Instagram viewer app on your web browser.
  • Enter the username of a private Instagram account in the relevant field.
  • Tap on the View profile button.
  • Let the app gather the required data. As the progress bar completes, open the Instagram app running in the background.
  • Refresh the page of a private account.
  • Magical, you can view the private Instagram account.

Most third-party apps are fake. Never enter your login credentials on them.


After reading our article, you got the answer for how to see followers of a private account on Instagram. You can use the aforementioned methods to explore private accounts on Instagram.

Don’t forget to share our guide with your family and friends. It will also be useful to them.

FAQs: How to View Private Account Followers on Instagram

Can I see followers of a private Instagram?

Yes, seeing private followers of an Instagram account is possible. You can use send a follow request, create a fake account, or take help from another friend.

What happens if you follow a private account on Instagram?

Following a private account on Instagram is different from following a public account. You can’t directly follow a private account. They review your follow request. After getting their approval, you can see their followers and followings.

How to see followers of a private account on Instagram without following?

It’s hard to see followers of private accounts on Instagram without following them. Third-party apps are fake and don’t give your result. Like you and me, these apps have access only to public accounts. Private accounts are open to only followers.