Twitter is a highly popular social network at this time. You can use your own Twitter account in thousands of ways. But, surely, few people think they can make money with Twitter.

Twitter is a very useful tool for online businesses since it is a way to get in touch with your friends and customers. Basically, Twitter is defined as a microblogging platform in which users can publish everything they want by writing only 140 characters.

Make Money with Twitter

Hereunder are 10 ways to make money with Twitter.

Make money with twitter

1. Promoted Tweets

Surely, you have already observed on your Twitter timeline. It is a well-known service, as numerous celebrities and companies use it. The services that we listed below, these methods are being used. First, you fix a value for each click for ads that we tweet. Then, you can choose what type of item to include. Several options are present in the different Platforms.

With this system, you can generate extra income with Twitter by accepting daily offers of tweets published by advertisers.

How many of your followers read the sponsored tweets and other factors that affect the earnings depends on the number of followers tweets.

2. Link Shorteners

By means of any link shortener service (,,…) that pay you for each time when some of your followers visit your links, you can earn money. Get more followers and share useful links to generate better income.

E.g., is a platform that allows you to monetize your Twitter profile easily and simply. All you have to do is find content that may be interesting to your followers, shorten the URLs with and publish them to your account.

The more clicks you receive on your shortened links, the more money you will earn.


On the site, you fix a cost to your tweets (for example, $1.5) so that every time an advertiser wants to promote himself, he will have to pay that amount. You can send a tweet to your account that will take a link and the word “Sponsored” so that your followers can identify it as Advertising.


Perhaps the thing you are dealing with here is not the same as the previous ones, but it is pretty effective. It is based on creating accounts on Twitter that are paid. You can open a private account and TwitPub charges (via PayPal) to be aware of the updates.

What you have to do, is to organize interesting things to write in your Tweets. The approximate price is $1 per month per user, and keep in mind that TwitPub holds 20% of the profits.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Large companies promote their product and services on the most active Twitter profiles and with a large follower base.

You could also generate a profit with Twitter by promoting the articles of these companies, in other words, Affiliate Marketing. You will receive a commission every time someone buys the product through the link you share on your Twitter profile.

6. Amazon

The Amazon affiliate program is best known; it allows you to market items listed on Amazon and pays the commission, which is an excellent option to monetize a Twitter account.

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After registering with ClickBank, configure your account and get the affiliate links you chose to promote. These affiliate links help to start generating traffic and obtain sales.

The most important part of having many sales with Affiliate products is traffic, if you do not get traffic to your affiliate link, you will never get sales, and you can not earn any money. Practically, the same method that we use on Amazon.

8. Paid Reviews

This is quite similar to Promoted Tweets, with the only difference that instead of sponsoring any product, you give your assessment of the product. The tweet can contain a review written in a Tweet or include a link to a complete article that you have written about the product. Through we can make paid reviews.

9. YouTube

Promote your videos on Twitter. It helps you increase followers and gain a better-known name in the social world. In addition, you can monetize the content uploaded to YouTube with the use of AdSense so that you can have two sources of income.

10. Sponsored Surveys

Some corporations need to know the opinion of users about a particular product. For this, these companies sponsor surveys in popular user accounts. The Twitter profile must have high traffic. Yes, the profits do not fall short.

And that’s it. I hope you liked the post on 10 ways to make money with Twitter. Do not forget that sharing is caring and helping other friends earn money.