I decided to make this article for those who are starting out in the world of online marketing and I will review what is digital marketing, what are its benefits and the main strategies.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing, aka online marketing, is the use of the Internet and social networks in order to improve the marketing of a product or service.

It is important to note that digital marketing is a complement to traditional marketing, not a substitute.

The concept of digital marketing emerged in the mid-nineties, with the emergence of the first electronic stores (Amazon, Dell others). Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a part of digital marketing although this concept emerged several years later.

Digital marketing strategies

Importance of Digital Marketing

1. Measurement

When performing a digital marketing strategy can be measured much more easily than traditional marketing strategies.

2. Personalization

Digital marketing democratizes personalization, it allows you to personalize the treatment with the client at a very low cost. It is important to note that modern consumers expect a completely personalized treatment by companies.

3. Brand visibility

If a company is not on the Internet means it “does not exist” because it has been proven that most people search the Internet before buying a product or service in the physical or digital world.

4. Recruitment and customer loyalty

Online marketing allows to attract potential customers and retain current customers.

5. Increase in sales

Digital marketing can significantly increase sales of the company because the potential customers of most companies are in the digital world.

6. Create community

Online marketing and especially social media marketing allow creating a community that interacts with the brand, creating an emotional link between a company and its customers.

7. Channel with great reach

Digital marketing uses the Internet and social networks as a channel, which allows a great impact on the reach and positioning of brands.

8. Experimentation

Online marketing allows to test tactics and adjust strategies in real time to optimize results.

9. Low cost

Digital marketing strategies are lower cost than most traditional marketing strategies, which makes them accessible to small and medium businesses.

Main Digital Marketing Strategies

1. Website

The website is the fundamental pillar of digital marketing since it is the place where the company offers and sells its products and services. It is very important to have a professional website to build a business relationship with potential customers and the company.

The website should be easy to navigate and have elements that facilitate the conversion of visitors, that is to say, that the objective of the same is fulfilled.

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2. Business blog

All companies should have a blog because it allows attracting the target audience to the organization through useful articles. The blog is the center of the content marketing strategy and allows companies to create fresh content that has a better positioning in search engines.

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3. Search engine positioning (SEO)

The positioning in search engines, also called SEO (Search Engine Optimization), aims that when someone searches in Google or another search engine for a product or service sold by the company, the website will be in the first search results. SEO is one of the digital marketing strategies that bring traffic to the website.

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4. Social networks

It is necessary that companies have a professional presence in the main social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Snapchat, etc.) whose main objective is not the sale of products and services, but to create a community of users with an emotional link with the brand. The goal of social networks for brands will be: turn strangers into friends, friends into customers and customers into brand evangelists.

5. Online advertising

Advertising in search engines (Adwords) and social networks (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, etc.) have become an excellent option for companies to reach their audience. Of all the digital marketing strategies, this is the only one that allows you to achieve results immediately.

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6. Email Marketing

The use of email as a marketing strategy is usually very effective, as long as it is always done with the authorization of the person who receives the emails. This strategy is especially useful for electronic stores as it allows to bring potential customers to the website.

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7. Other Digital Marketing strategies

Other strategies that can be used in online marketing are:

Affiliate Marketing: A company pay commission for referrals to other websites.
Influencer marketing: The use of influencers to increase the reach of the brand.

To finish I leave you with a question:

What digital marketing strategies do you consider to be the most effective?

I remain attentive to your answers.