How to Change the Name in Truecaller Database?

How to change the name in Truecaller

We all are aware of the Truecaller. It is one of the popular and best applications for all mobile phone users. This is the best application for spam call detection. This is considered as one of the important and useful apps that most of the people have in their top of the list. If Truecaller is showing your name incorrectly, here are two methods, read the post- how to change the name in Truecaller. Generally, people use TrueCaller lookup service to check the avoid the unwanted calls and unnecessary marketing messages. If you have installed Truecaller app in your phone you can easily check the name of the caller. Those numbers too who are not in your contact list. But sometimes it happens that the application showing the wrong name of the caller. Not only name but also the location, picture. If you have a question- how to change my name in Truecaller, you can read our article to know the answer.

It is the most useful mobile application in recent days. In this age of internet and mobile phone, we can easily check the person’s caller ID, from the number he/she is calling. If you have not saved the mobile number how you can see the person’s name? Do not worry when Truecaller is here. You can get all the unknown number’s detail from this app but as we told earlier it can show wrong details too. This happens to me too.

How to change the name in Truecaller

One month back I received a call one of my school friends, but his name was showing wrong in the TrueCaller. Later when I came to know that he is my school friend I saved his number. This kind of thing is really embarrassing when you do not have your friend’s number saved in mobile and the TrueCaller also showing the wrong ID. Later I saved his name. In this article, we will discuss the wrong name changing in the Truecaller database.

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Reasons why TrueCaller shows the wrong name

The TrueCaller lookup system takes the caller details and the name from the mobile phone book, on which the application is installed. It generally crowdsources the details. Suppose your friend name is Celina, and she is working in a mobile shop. So all her customers should save her name as “Celina mobile shop” on their mobile phone. Now the TrueCallerwill pick up that name which is saved in many phone books. If the app gets that the majority save the name as “Celina mobile shop” TrueCaller also save the name as it is.

Another reason for showing the wrong name is, if your current number belongs to another person previously, TrueCaller will show the old information. Many time it happens, when you take a new mobile number. So now we know what are the actual reason for showing wrong information in TrueCaller.

  • A number of people save your name wrong in their mobile data.
  • You have taken a new phone number that was used by another one previously and the TrueCaller shows same old info still now.

How to check your name in TrueCaller?

If you are not sure about your name saved in the TrueCaller, you can check to find out what name has saved in the TrueCaller. You can do an easy thing to check. Go to the official website of the TrueCaller and log in there. Now enter the number that you want to search. If your details are correct, its well good, if not you can go-ahead to change the details.

How to change the name in TrueCaller?

There are two methods to change the wrong name in Truecaller.

Method one – Change your Name in Truecaller App

The most used way to change the name in the TrueCaller database is to download the application on your mobile phone. Whether you have iPhone, Windows Phone, Android or Blackberry. Download the app first and follow the below-mentioned steps;

After downloading the Truecaller application install the app in your mobile

After installation, the app will send you a verification SMS in your registered number

Once your number is verified, the TrueCaller app will launch and then you open the menu of TrueCaller.

Truecaller menu

Now take the cursor to the “Edit Profile” link and click on that

Truecaller edit profile

You will notice a pencil icon just opposite of your name, that is the edit option. Click on that.

Truecaller pencil icon

Now put your First Name and the Last name which you want to save in the TrueCaller database.

Truecaller change name

This is the final step. After giving all the correct information the database of the app has updated and the wrong information has also changed. Now Your name will show correctly when you call someone and they do not have your number in their phone. They can see your name correctly.

Method two – Change your name in Truecaller Website

This is the second method you can follow. First of all, go to the official website of TrueCaller. Now using your Gmail account login the account of TrueCaller.

How to change name in truecaller

After  login put the number you want to search and you will see a page will arise where you can find the option named as “Suggest Name”

Truecaller suggest a better name

Click on the “Suggest Name”. Two options are there; business or person.

Once the screen will appear you can easily change the name for your TrueCaller app. Now just put the new name and complete the submission.

“Suggest Name” options also work well for those who want to know – how to change others name in Truecaller.

Like the previous method, in this method, you can see that your phone number is not verified. So a different person can also suggest changing any other person’s name in the database of TrueCaller. If TureCaller team understand that the suggestion is not valid they will not take the change name request. This method may work or may not. It depends on the situation. So most of the people prefer the first method. If you are busy and do not have enough time to download the app or you do not have an internet connection, you can use the name suggestion.

Always remember that both methods will take their own time to reflect the changes. The correction will not flash immediately on TrueCaller lookup.

So now you know how to change the name in TrueCaller database. So if you are in confusion correct it.


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