People talk a lot about the 5G internet services (unlimited) and free voice calling. Since then, people have been trying hard to understand the difference between LTE and VoLTE?

They also wanted to know if their mobile devices supported 5G or not. So here we are, helping you understand the major difference between VoLTE and LTE. This will help you in understanding the difference between the two technologies.

We live in an era of digitalization. Here everything is online. You can shop online, pay bills online, play games online, watch moves online, and whatnot. More than 60% of our time in a day is spent online.

Be it social media or dealing with shares, or cracking business deals. Mobile internet has completely changed the entire perception of the day-to-day activities we undertake. Gone are the days when one used to stand in long queues to pay our electricity bills.

Gone are the days when we spent an entire day searching for our favorite brands or favorite restaurants. Mobile internet has made everything so easy. Lost on your way, you can open Google Maps and easily reach your destination.

Are you looking for your favorite restaurants in town? Open the Google app and start searching the ones near you. Everything is straightforward nowadays. Mobile networks have reached the most remote places in the world.

Along with the mobile networks come the internet services as well. Mobile internet helps surf videos and watch various entertainment series. In addition, almost all the news channels have launched their app to get their daily dose of the latest news and updates.

We started with 2G internet services. The speed of the internet was too low. Then the better and updated services were launched, i.e., 3G, 4G, and 5G. It was the revolutionary transition time for the country.

Nowadays, 5G technology is shifting from  LTE to VoLTE. So Learn LTE vs VoLTE.

Difference between LTE and VoLTE

What is LTE on Mobile Phones? – LTE meaning

What does 4g LTE mean on a cell phone? LTE which stands for Long Term Evolution is nothing but a mobile phone internet service technology standard. Now you must have seen this term on your mobile device along with the network logo. You must also be wondering why this logo keeps popping all the time. We will clear your confusion here! LTE and 4G are the same things. The common name of LTE is 4G.

LTE generally gives a downloading speed of around 100 MB per second. But, at the same time, the uploading speed has been 50 MB per second! An advanced version of LTE, which is LTE Advanced, gives a download aped of 1 GB in a second and an uploading speed of over 500 MB.

LTE has been a revolutionary technological advancement on GSM and CDMA standards. But these were in practice many years ago. Nowadays, LTE is becoming readily available worldwide! As a result, the mobile network providers have been updating their technologies from 3G to 4G to 5G.

LTE to date has been the fastest internet technology, which will soon acquire a dominant position amongst the major mobile network service providers.

What is VoLTE? – Voice over LTE meaning

It stands for Voice over Long Term Evolution. It is called Vee O LTE. This technology enables users to enjoy internet speed, and voice calls simultaneously. Using the LTE technology, you must have noticed the difference. In LTE, when you receive a call, your internet speed will automatically diminish to give you a good voice call quality.

If you wish to enjoy a good voice calling quality, you need to turn off the internet data. You must have experienced this scenario in the 2G and 3G plans. In many cases, the mobile automatically disconnects the internet connection to maintain voice calling quality.

While using the VoLTE services, the voice call quality will remain good even when switched on the internet. This is because it makes sending call signals and the internet data network easy.

Why is VoLTE better than LTE?

VoLTE is hands down a better and superior mobile technology than LTE technology. Let’s understand how:

  • You can enjoy a better voice calling quality while using VoLTE.
  • Users do not need to switch off their internet connection while starting a call.
  • The call connection speed is much faster than LTE.
  • 4G VoLTE can work on a higher frequency of 800 MHz. In other words, it is easy to establish connections much faster and to the far away from mobile network towers. In the past, users found it difficult o find the mobile signal.
  • VoLTE has proved to be more energy-efficient and saves mobile batteries.
  • You can successfully make video calls with the help of VoLTE without the help of any third-party apps.

Difference between LTE and VoLTE

How LTE and VoLTE are different from each other?

  1. LTE stands for ‘Long Term Evolution,’ and VoLTE’s full form is ‘Voice over Long Term Evolution.’
  2. LTE was only for internet data technology, while VoLTE managed both the voice call quality and internet data.
  3. LTE does not render its support in voice transmission. Instead,  VoLTE uses advanced technology which supports both data transmission and voice.
  4. In LTE, if the internet is on, the quality of voice calls reduces. However, in VoLTE, the quality of voice calls remains excellent with the internet data switched on.

Here are some basic details about both the technologies. We hope this article will have been helpful for you.